AI for protecting your online brand from
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How CaliberAI helps minimise your risk

Comment moderationComment moderationComment

Protect your social media and comment feeds from defamatory or harmful user generated content.

Article evaluationArticle evaluationArticle

Scan whole articles for risk of defamation and harm pre-publication.

Writing and editingWriting and editingWriting
and Editing

Detect potentially defamatory or harmful content in near real-time with our browser extension or CMS integration.

Review published and archived contentReview published and archived contentReview Published and
Archived Content

Review archived and published content for risk of legacy defamation or harm.


Average Common Law cost of defamation is €185,000.


Median U.S. defamation award since 2010.


Increase in U.K. defamation actions since 2010.

How it works

Editors, moderators, and journalist

Who is this for? Anyone with a keyboard

Editors, moderators, and journalist

Unreviewed content...

Editors, moderators, and journalist

Defamatory and harmful content flagging

Editors, moderators, and journalist

Content reviewed, risk assessed and ready


Artifical Intelligence that flags high-risk content in near real-time.

2AI Editing

An AI designed specifically to assist editors and augment human oversight.

3 Fully

An API with custom thresholds tailored to your organisation's risk tolerance.


Browser extension, social media plugins, CMS integration and more


An AI assistant that augments your workflow

Mitigates Risk

Reduce your risk, minimise your costs


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