Twitter Moderator

CaliberAI's Twitter Moderator integration assists users by notifying them of the presence of language likely to be defamatory or harmful.

Designed to nurture civil debate and safer Tweeting, Twitter Moderator can either be deployed to inform users when they have been targeted by defamation or harm, or notify them in near real-time when they are at risk of publishing defamation or harm.

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What makes us different

Powered by a unique, high-quality dataset of defamation examples, and managed by a team of annotation experts, CaliberAI's pioneering tools augment human capability to detect language with a high level of legal and defamatory risk.

Unique data

Unique, carefully crafted datasets, training multiple machine learning models for production deployment.

Expert led

Expert annotation, overseen by a diverse, publisher led team with deep expertise in news, law, linguistics and computer science.

Explainable outputs

Pre-processing and post-processing with explainable AI outputs.